YES! Trey Gowdy’s Career Takes Surprise Turn Under Trump – This Is Good News!

by Sierra Marlee | January 13, 2017 6:11 pm

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is now going to have a prominent role in the investigation of Russia’s alleged hacks against America.

Gowdy is going to be joining the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and issued a statement about his transition.

Trey Gowdy[1]

“Protecting the safety and security[2] of our fellow citizens is the preeminent function of government. When it comes to our national security, we cannot afford to take risks,” Gowdy said in a prepared statement.

“I look forward to joining the House Intelligence Committee and working with Chairman [Devin] Nunes and my colleagues to ensure national security remains the top priority in the 115th Congress,” the congressman added.

You can read his full statement on his Twitter account:

Hopefully, this means that we can finally get to the bottom of this Russia nonsense and find out whether they had anything to do with the election and if they did, what we can do about it.

I’m excited for this new path in Gowdy’s career and look forward to more scorching videos from him in the year 2017!

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