You’ll HATE Who Rogue Electors Want Instead of Trump

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 6, 2016 9:06 am

Democratic electors are now making noises[1] that they are very close to picking who they think should be president. Hint… it’s not Donald Trump. Further hint… it’s not a Democrat. They have chosen a RINO of course. Drum roll please… the chosen one is Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Of course they would pick him, he’s nothing more than a Democrat dressed up as a Republican and hell would freeze over before he would be elected president. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Having said that, I’m really getting tired of the Never Trump movement being blamed when something goes amiss with Trump’s trek to the White House. This is not the Never Trump movement pushing this. This is the Democrats. The Never Trumpers I know, despise Kasich. He’s as far from being a constitutional conservative as you can get. So, please put the blame where it belongs and knock off blaming the wrong people here.


From Politico[3]:

The Democratic electors have already revealed that they’re close to a consensus pick for whom they will vote: Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich is increasingly seen as the most acceptable Republican alternative to electors on both sides of the aisle, according to multiple electors familiar with the conversations. They note that Kasich defeated Trump in Ohio’s primary, that the governor boasts a high approval rating in his state and that Kasich was reportedly under consideration to be Trump’s vice president before he selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

“Many Electors are saying that Gov. John Kasich would be best for our country. A consensus is beginning to form that Gov. Kasich would be best positioned to unite America,” Micheal Baca said in a statement to Politico on Sunday. Other electors involved in the effort confirmed this line of thinking.

It’s unclear whether Kasich would accept support from these electors, and a top political adviser downplayed the strategy.

“There’s no question Trump won enough votes in the states to receive over 270 votes when the members of the Electoral College meet,” said Kasich’s top political adviser, John Weaver, when asked about the prospect that some electors might vote for Kasich. “I’m sure the [Electoral College] will affirm this when it gathers later this month.”

Just as Hillary Clinton and her team are somewhere behind Jill Stein’s push for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, you will find her at the heart of this nonsense as well. However, Clinton is keeping the elector movement at arm’s length for plausible deniability and in an attempt to woo disaffected Republicans. It still won’t work. And her acolytes are hard at it. “We’re really doing this on our own,” said Polly Baca, a Democratic elector from Colorado and organizer of “Hamilton Electors,” the group encouraging Republican defections from Trump. “This is something we have to do as electors. This is our responsibility.” Right.

Backers of Hamilton Electors are also preparing a wave of lawsuits challenging 29 state laws that purport to bind electors to the results of the statewide popular vote. These laws have never been enforced or tested, and many constitutional scholars believe they conflict with the Founders’ vision of the Electoral College as a deliberative body. Courtroom victories, they hope, will embolden other Electors to join their cause. This effort must be stopped in its tracks as it undermines the Electoral College. This was the goal all along.

Should these asshats succeed at either holding up the Electoral votes from Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, or even less likely, getting 37 Republican Electors to defect from the College, selection of the President will be determined by the House of Representatives. They would undoubtedly select Donald Trump as the House is controlled by the Republicans. Forget Kasich… don’t lose track of the Electoral College.


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