Congressman Confirms Obama Plan to Import Foreigners With Ebola for Treatment

by Dave Blount | October 28, 2014 3:31 pm

Rumors grow ever more credible that the Obama Regime plans to knowingly import not just potential Ebola vectors from West Africa, but non-Americans known to carry the disease:

A top Republican congressman claims the Obama administration is exploring plans to bring non-U.S. citizens infected with Ebola to the United States for treatment.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox News that his office has received “information from within the administration” that these plans are being developed. So far, only American Ebola patients have been brought back to the U.S. for treatment from the disease epicenter in West Africa.

As Rep. Goodlatte notes,

“This is simply a matter of common sense that if you are concerned about this problem spreading — and this is a deadly disease that we’re even concerned about the great health care workers when they come back not spreading it — we certainly shouldn’t be bringing in the patients.”

The chairman wrote a letter last week to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry asking whether such plans exist, but he says he has not gotten a response.

The Regime’s ballyhooed “transparency” remains as opaque as ever, tending to confirm our worst suspicions.

The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch also reported, shortly before Goodlatte sent the letter, that the administration is “actively formulating” plans to bring Ebola patients into the U.S., with the specific goal of treating them “within the first days of diagnosis.”

The cost of flying Africans to the USA for treatment could be astronomical. But according to Obama’s ideology, the wealth Americans have created was somehow stolen from everyone who did not create it. Therefore, we owe it to Africa whether we can afford it or not.

Whether there will be anyone left alive to pay the bills after Obama’s policies result in Ebola spreading throughout the USA remains to be seen.

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