10 Ways Obama Is Killing The American Economy

The websites of Alex Jones can often be a beehive of conspiracy theories, and were the favorites of liberals who bought into the whole 9/11 Truth derangement. However, mixed between the conspiracy stories, some of which are legitimate, there are some great stories. Like this one

Have you ever heard the old saying “the beatings will continue until morale improves”? According to Wikipedia, that phrase is often “used sarcastically to indicate the counterproductive nature of such punishment or excessive control over subordinates such as staff in the workplace or children living at home.” Well, apparently Barack Obama believes that the more punishment that he inflicts on the U.S. economy the more we will like him.

What other explanation is there for his insane economic policies? The truth is that Barack Obama is killing jobs in America. His regulations are absolutely crippling our businesses, he has been heavily promoting new job killing “free trade” agreements, Obamacare has the potential to be the most job killing law of all time, and he is running up debt that will crush job creation in this country for ages to come. Obama will likely go down as the most anti-business president in U.S. history. He has presided over the worst “recovery” from a recession in post-World War II history, and under his leadership a whole host of economic statistics have steadily gotten worse. The percentage of working age Americans that have jobshas not bounced back since the end of the last recession, and now the next major economic crisis is rapidly approaching.

The 10 ways are

  1. Blocking The Keystone Oil Pipeline
  2. Obamacare
  3. Crippling Regulations
  4. Taxes
  5. “Free Trade” Agreements
  6. Killing The Coal Industry On Purpose
  7. Wasting Money
  8. Barack Obama Encourages Government Dependence
  9. Barack Obama Has Fully Supported Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke And Actually Nominated Him For A Second Term
  10. The Soaring National Debt Is Killing Millions Upon Millions Of Future Jobs

I’d recommend reading the details for each one as for the rationale. You can certainly add a few, such as creating a hyper-partisan blame and slime condition on Capital Hill. But, these really are the top 10. But, I will add two more:

Executive Branch over-reach: on a constant basis we find that executive branch agencies continuously go beyond their Congressional mandates, taking power for themselves. Under Obama, we see the EPA, the BLM, and a host of other alphabet soup agencies act well beyond what their duties are without response to the legislative branch.

Creating uncertainty: Obama creates uncertainty within the private marketplace by continuously pushing policies that leave businesses wondering just what will happen. This dovetails into taxes, free trade, wasting money, regulations, and Obamacare, among others.

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