Big Government Vastly Expands Food Stamps, Prevents Prevention of Fraud

Our rogue government’s approach to food stamps is twofold: 1) vastly increase their use and 2) facilitate the inevitable fraud. Here at least Obama’s disastrous presidency has been a big success:

Thanks in part to vigorous federally funded campaigns by nonprofit groups, the government’s AmericaCorps service program, and other organizations urging people to accept government handouts, the number of food-stamp recipients has soared to 44 million from 26 million in 2007, and costs have more than doubled to $77 billion from $33 billion.

The USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service now has only 40 inspectors to oversee almost 200,000 merchants that accept food stamps nationwide. The Government Accountability Office reported last summer that retailers who traffic illegally in food stamps by redeeming stamps for cash or alcohol or other prohibited items “are less likely to face criminal penalties or prosecution” than in earlier years.

“Spreading the wealth around” is an inherently corrupt operation that inevitably leads to more corruption. A few examples show how bad it’s getting:

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• The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute concluded: “Prosecutors have simply stopped prosecuting the vast majority of [food-stamp] fraud cases in virtually all counties, including the one with the most recipients, Milwaukee.” …

• Washington state Sen. Mike Carrell complained: “Dozens of workers at DSHS [the Department of Social and Health Services] have reported numerous unpunished cases of fraud to me. They have told me that DSHS management has allowed these things to happen, and in some cases actively restricted fraud investigations.” …

• Thirty percent of the inmates in the Polk County, Iowa, jail were collecting food stamps that were being sent to their non-jail mailing addresses in 2009. …

• Last December, two veteran employees for New York City’s Human Resources Administration were busted for concocting 1,500 fake food-stamp cases that netted them $8 million. Nine Milwaukee, Wis., staffers plundered almost $300,000 from the program during the last five years, and a Louisiana state bureaucrat pleaded guilty last year for her role in a scam that snared more than $50,000 in fraudulent food-stamp benefits. …

• The food-stamp poster boy of 2011 is 59-year-old Leroy Fick. After Mr. Fick won a $2 million lottery jackpot, the Michigan Department of Human Services ruled he could continue receiving food stamps. …

• Perhaps the biggest fraud of all is the notion, which the USDA has been touting lately, that the food-stamp program is a nutrition program. … What it really does is boost caloric intake, which is why numerous studies (including a 2009 Ohio State University report) link food stamps to the worsening obesity epidemic among low-income Americans.

Food stamps are increasingly used at fast food joints. But bureaucrats make up for it by forbidding toys with Happy Meals.

Meanwhile, NYC Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg and the commies running the New York Times have been going out of their way to promote food stamp use among the not so needy.

Something even more insidious is at play than the Pigford Pigout style looting sprees you would expect after voters were duped into handing over the keys to the liquor store to a community organizer in 2008. A prime objective of the federal government even before the Obama Regime has been to reduce the stigma attached to receiving stolen property from the government in the form of food stamps. Every time a moocher chooses wrong over right by accepting food stamps, our rulers are one step closer to their objective: totalitarian oligarchical collectivism.

They will achieve their nightmare dystopia only if they can corrupt us into deserving to live in it.

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