The Coffee Party Lives On

Anyone remember the Coffee Party? Leftists contrived it as an Astroturf attempt to mimic the grassroots passion of the Tea Party. From the beginning, it was a flop. Yet 6 years later, it is still around to excrete stuff like this:


Bookworm is staggered by the massive volumes of moonbattery packed into this simple graphic. Take the outlandish lie that “capitalism without socialism is fascism”:

Here’s the truth: Fascism is just another form of socialism. How many times does one have to tell the morons on the Left that Nazi stands for “National Socialists” before they get it? …

Socialism is a form of statism that sees the government directing business decisions through regulations; taking money from individuals and businesses in the form of taxes; and re-distributing money to favored segments in society. (Indeed, just recently, a Venezuelan official admitted that the whole point of its “socialist” nationalism, regulation, taxation, and redistribution was to buy votes in perpetuity.)

Votes purchased with other people’s money make for “democratic socialism.” It hasn’t been working out too well in Venezuela. It never does.

A less overtly repressive variety of democratic socialism is our own crony capitalist system, whereby a hypertrophied welfare state picks winners and losers based on block voting and campaign contributions. Middleman politicians could be cut out by a donor himself directly taking power. If this donor is a demagogue, he could be elected by pandering to the economically ignorant with promises to use more coercion to force the “free” market to give them jobs through crippling tariffs and regulations. The result of excessive government intrusion in economic matters is always the same: a lower standard of living.

As for real capitalism without socialism,

It says that free markets, minimally impeded by government, support innovation, ambition, cooperation, healthy self-interest, and a vast range of human activities that have, over the past two hundred years, created a world that is richer, more comfortable, better fed, safer, and longer-lived than at any time in human history. …

Capitalism without socialism is a free world in which free people make choices that history proves will benefit society at large.

The Tea Party is dead now. Its casket closed when Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin endorsed crony capitalist authoritarian Donald Trump, an avowed opponent of the Tea Party who personifies the corrupt Big Government mentality Tea Partiers stood against. Who would have thought the Coffee Party would outlive it? That’s the advantage of Astroturf; fake as it is, it lasts longer than real grass.

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