Hill Poll: Most Find Obama To Blame For Crummy Economy

by William Teach | July 23, 2012 11:13 am

The Blame Bush rhetoric has gotten old and stale

(The Hill[1]) Two-thirds of likely voters say the weak economy is Washington’s fault, and more blame President Obama than anybody else, according to a new poll for The Hill.

It found that 66 percent believe paltry job growth and slow economic recovery is the result of bad policy. Thirty-four percent say Obama is the most to blame, followed by 23 percent who say Congress is the culprit. Twenty percent point the finger at Wall Street, and 18 percent cite former President George W. Bush. (snip)

The poll, conducted for The Hill by Pulse Opinion Research, found 53 percent of voters say Obama has taken the wrong actions and has slowed the economy down. Forty-two percent said he has taken the right actions to revive the economy, while six percent said they were not sure.

I’d like to speak to those people who think Obama has taken the right actions and ask them exactly how the economy has gotten better. 41 months of 8%+ unemployment, record numbers of people opting out of the jobs market in despair, consumer confidence down, home prices down, savings down, wages down, etc and so on. All despite the recession officially ending in June 2009, before Obama’s policies kicked in.

Ed Morrissey[2] breaks the poll down and offers more.

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