Joe Biden Notes That Obama Administration Has Been Really Bad For Income Inequality

Not in so many words, but if we read between the lines, we can see that Biden was just speaking the truth

(CNN) Vice President Joe Biden emphasized the issue of income inequality to a gathering of major donors and activists Friday night, telling them Democrats will work to address it to help working people, an attendee at the event told CNN.

The remarks came during a reception for a coalition of liberal organizations called Democracy Alliance.

Biden told the gathering that income in the United States is the most unequal it has been since the 1920s, according to an attendee, who spoke to CNN on the condition he not be identified since it was a private event. Income inequality appeared to be a priority for this audience, and has been a key focus for such leaders as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, who received a warm welcome when she spoke to the group Thursday.

Vice President Joe Biden ….we actually have to identify him by the title, because lots of people have no idea who he is…. is speaking like he hasn’t been a part of the presidential administration in charge for the last 6 years. A Democratic one. Democrats were in charge of the Senate from January 2007 till January 2015. Democrats controlled the House from January 2007-January 2011.

The Democracy Alliance is a shadowy network of hard left Progressives, organized by George Soros’ billions, donating without disclosure to other far left institutions. Politico noted about this same confab, in regards to Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren

The Democracy Alliance has had an outsized influence in Democratic politics. It works to leverage its donors’ massive bank accounts to steer the party to the left on causes dear to liberals — including fighting to reduce economic inequality and the role of money in politics. Warren has emerged as a standard-bearer for those fights, and her address on Thursday dealt with economic inequality.

So, you have super rich folks using their money not to actually increase the wages of their workers, but donating to Democracy Alliance to force Other People to Do Something about income inequality. For the most part, though, Democracy Alliance simply gathers the money and distributes it to other far far left Progressive organizations, at least from what can be gathered, because they are super secret. And it is truly amusing that Biden would be talking about income inequality in front of Democrat voting rich folks who tend to give their money to campaigns and such rather than their own workers.

Here’s what Progressive policies brought us

For all Democrat caterwauling about Bush, we can see that it is much worse under Obama. The top 1% are garnering 93 cents of every dollar made under Obama, while growth of wages for the 99% stagnates. Yet, Obama is pushing hard to amnesty at least 5 million illegal aliens, meaning more wage stagnation.

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