Obama Continues His Backyard Campaign Stops, Gets Snappy

by William Teach | September 30, 2010 9:17 am

Yes, Obama has continued his backyard campaign stops, partly pushing his healthcare plan (the only Democrat who seems to be doing that this campaign season,) partly whining at the GOP. You know, same old same old

Arguing doggedly against returning Republicans to power, President Barack Obama told Iowa voters Wednesday that the GOP has been dishonest about what needs to be done to revive the economy and restore middle-class dreams.

“We can’t pretend that there are shortcuts,” the president said, addressing about 70 voters in a grassy backyard.

Wait, I thought that was the purpose of the Stimulus, to be a shortcut to prosperity and job creation, which was why it had to be passed without being read and only a tiny bit of debate.

“When you look at the choice we face in this election coming up,” Obama said, “the other side, what it’s really offering is the same policies that from 2001 to 2009 put off hard problems and didn’t really speak honestly to the American people about how we’re gonna get this country on track over the long term.”

And what are those hard choices, Barry? The article doesn’t report on them after his typical “same policies” talking point he has been using since he started running for President (a job he doesn’t seem to like much[1]). At least he didn’t pull out his “D is for drive R is for reverse” silliness. He did answer a question about a woman’s son losing his hopey changey feelings

Obama responded by citing a list of areas of optimism, ones she could tell her son about it. He said his government is providing more students loans, trying to encourage private job growth, and making tough decisions now that will help the county reclaim its rightful stand as the top leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Over the long term, the president assured, “their future will be fine.”

It will be fine, as Democrats will lose the House, come close to losing the Senate, Obama will lose in 2012, and the GOP will take the Senate. For Obama’s last two years as POTUS, he will have to face a GOP House which will push (we hope) wise legislation that will enable business to push for and expand, providing new jobs.

One man, who described himself as a small business owner manufacturing promotional items like T-shirts and lawn signs, criticized Obama’s plans for allowing tax cuts on income over $250,000 a year to expire.

“As the government gets more and more involved in business and more and more involved in taxes, what you’re finding is you’re strangling those job creation vehicles,” the man said.

The president disputed that, saying he’s already signed eight pieces of legislation providing small business tax cuts.

Showing some frustration, Obama said: “Your taxes haven’t gone up in this administration. Your taxes have gone down in this administration. There’s a notion that, well, he’s a Democrat so your taxes must have gone up. That’s just not true.”

And there in a nutshell is a big chunk of Obama’s problem. He doesn’t take well to people questioning him, because he is Obama, and better than everyone else, so, instead of doing like Clinton or Bush 43 would do, commiserating, feeling the pain, he snaps back, gives a talking point with little basis in reality, and tells the questioner to suck it up. Obama doesn’t look like a happy camper

He further told a priest who was worried about some of his parishioners who have lost manufacturing jobs that those people’s jobs are gone, so, they just need to move on and they’ll just have to develop new skills, like for the mythical “clean energy” jobs.

The problem with his so-called tax breaks are that they are short term, have enormous requirements, and are offset by the devastation wrought by the Democrats health plan and the coming expiration of the 2001/2003 tax cuts.

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