Obama Discusses Vision For Second Term: A Lot Of Spending

by William Teach | July 17, 2012 6:46 am

No one should be particularly shocked. It’s all he knows, especially since it’s not his money (via Erika Johnsen[1] from Townhall[2])

Of course, he uses the word “invest” as a euphemism for spending boodles of Someone Else’s cash. Money we don’t have. On projects that have so far failed. He wants “investments” in more failed green energy projects (for campaign contributors), teachers (unions), R&D (probably for embryonic stem cells which still have offered no cures and medicines), transportation (trains to nowhere), and putting construction workers back to work (after they were laid off again from his short term Stimulus projects which weren’t so Ha Ha shovel ready).

Oh, and the debt and deficit? Erika opines

And while he was most verbose about his many ideas for spending more money and increasing the federal government’s role in our lives, the extent of the president’s plan for reducing our debt and deficit amounted to, “Let’s do it in a responsible way.” …Uh huh. Kind of like all of that responsible spending in which you’ve actively engaged, adding more to the deficit in your first three years than President Bush so “unpatriotically” did during his entire two-term tenure?

His definition of “responsible” seems to be the same as a meth addict with George Soros’ stolen credit card.

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