Obama Plans Yet Another Campaign Style Pivot To The Economy

by William Teach | July 22, 2013 8:17 am

This reminds me of one of those bad movies they keep playing on TV. Or of Sharknado, which had enormous hype, and was even worse than the usual dreck on the SyFy channel.


(NY Times[2]) With major battles looming in the fall over the federal budget and the debt ceiling, President Obamais trying to regain the initiative, embarking on a campaign-style tour of the Midwest this week to lay out his agenda for reinvigorating the nation’s economy, administration officials said Sunday.

Mr. Obama’s offensive will begin on Wednesday in Galesburg, Ill., with what his aides are saying will be a major address on economic policy at Knox College. Officials declined to provide details of the president’s message, but said he would set his terms for what they expect will be another bruising battle with a Republican-controlled House over the nation’s fiscal policies.

White House officials liken Wednesday’s speech to one he gave in 2011 in Osawatomie, Kan., where he articulated the theme of economic inequality in American society that became a leitmotif of his re-election campaign, and to one at Georgetown University soon after taking office in 2009, when he talked about how the American economy would recover from the Great Recession.

Yet, these same policies have been abject failures. The $850 billion 2009 Stimulus didn’t. The nation is becoming one of part time employment[3]. Food prices, energy costs, you name it, they’re rising above pay. There are record numbers of people who’ve given up on getting a job. Record numbers of people on food stamps. The long term unemployed[4] jumped from 2.6 million in 2007 to 5.3 million in 2012. Household incomes continue to fall. College graduates have poor job opportunities and huge debt. The GDP continues to stagnate. One only need look towards Detroit to see the outcome of Progressive economic, and other, policies.

Yet, here’s Obama doing the Neverending Campaign schtick, in what will surely be a blamestorming campaign, going after Republicans while offering nothing more than platitudes and retreads of his failed policies. Oh, and then, as Americans suffer thanks to those same failed policies

(Fox News[5]) The first family is returning this summer to Martha’s Vineyard, the third time the Obamas have vacationed on the exclusive Massachusetts island in the past four years.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will arrive August 10 and stay through August 18, the White House said earlier this month.

Mr. 1% will spend 8 days living the highlife amongst other 1%er while Americans are having tough times. And this will cost millions in taxpayer money for all the support staff, Secret Service, aids, drivers, and the Coast Guard offshore for protection, while his Sequester leaves our military with furloughs. Quite a juxtaposition: Obama living the highlife while Detroit deals with bankruptcy.

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