Obameconomy: 90% Say It Stinks

by William Teach | September 30, 2011 8:33 am

Obviously, this is Bush’s fault. Or the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Iraq. Afghanistan. Republicans. America has “gotten a little soft[1].” Bad luck. European debt. Greece. The Arab Spring. Bo ate his plan.

(CNN[2]) Three years after a financial crisis pushed the country deep into recession, an overwhelming number of Americans – 90% – say that economic conditions remain poor.

The number, reported Friday in a new CNN/ORC International Poll, is the highest of Barack Obama’s presidency and a significant increase from the 81% who said conditions were poor in June.

The persistent pessimism indicates that Americans are feeling a level of hardship in line with the official statistics. Unemployment stands at 9.1%, economic growth is barely above stall speed, and the housing market remains tied in knots.

Fortunately, the Democrat Senate is prepared to pass Obama’s “jobs” plan right now….oh, wait, they don’t have the Dem votes[3]? Bummer.

Unfortunately, there are still an enormous amount of idiots out there in America who buy into Liberal propaganda and talking points

Asked which administration is to blame, 52% of Americans blame the previous Republican regime, while only 32% point a finger at Obama and Democrats.

Bush has been out of office for closing in on 3 years now, and Democrats had a full two years of owning the White House and Congress to enact their fixes. They failed miserably. Somehow, this is Bush’s fault (?).

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