Rules Change: California Now Allowing ‘Made In America’ Labels on Things ’90 Percent’ Made in the US

by Warner Todd Huston | September 25, 2015 1:50 pm

California Democrats just made a change to a state law governing just what products are allowed to sport a label or tag that says “made in America.” Now products made elsewhere can be labeled as made in the US.

The law used to state that the product had to be 100% made in the US. But now the law says[1] that the product only has to be 90% made in the US.

California long required that any manufacturer wanting to say that a product is made in America must, in fact, have a product that’s made in America.

A new state law changes that — and makes it practically impossible for consumers to know whether a made-in-America product contains foreign parts.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill, SB 633, this month that allows California companies to say “made in America” as long as their products are mostly made in America — 90% American-made, to be precise.

Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee), who co-wrote the legislation with state Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), said requiring that made-in-America products be completely made in America placed an “overly burdensome regulation” on California businesses.

Supporters say that in this day of a global economy that it is nearly impossible to have a product that no part at all came from outside the US. Detractors say that the law is now a “head fake” for consumers.

  1. now the law says:

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