Snap! Obama Plans To Reboot On Economic Advice

by William Teach | January 21, 2011 9:08 am

After two years of mostly bad ideas on how to handle the recession, which turned into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, which happened while Democrats were in control of the federal government, Obama is looking to reboot! Which should lead to more great failed sloganeering, like “Recovery Summer”. Thankfully, Obama won’t have a compliant House to pass idiotic legislation

Signaling a shift to a new phase of the administration’s response[1] to the nation’s economic woes, President Barack Obama will sign an executive order Friday establishing a new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness that will be lead by General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt. The signing coincides with a visit to a GE branch in Schenectady, N.Y., the birthplace of the company.

The new panel will replace the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and will have a new mission: to find “new ways to promote growth by investing in American business to encourage hiring, to educate and train our workers to compete globally, and to attract the best jobs and businesses to the United States,” according to the White House.

Government at its worst: create a blue ribbon panel which will spend millions trying to solve a problem that people in 7th grade inherently understand: keep taxes low, reduce government interference, stop passing legislation that damages the private sector, and, heck, stop talking about passing legislation that damages the private sector. Stop the absurd levels of federal government spending. Create a stable, calm government environment, so that businesses aren’t worried what the government might possibly do. Repeal ObamaCare and replace with sensible, real world solutions. Give up the cap and tax garbage. Replace Obama with someone who has a clue.

Get people back to work, allow the creation of a competitive free market work place, and the states will start seeing money pour into their treasuries, and have the states take a break on massive spending and idiotic legislation. Lower corporate tax rates (and cut lots of the loopholes), and more companies will come to the USA, instead of leaving or outsourcing.

I wonder what has brought all this supposed renewed focus on the economy?

The White House is shuttering its political shop[2], shipping high-powered aides to a new campaign headquarters in Chicago and accelerating its search for a new press secretary.

It’s all part of a long-anticipated – if unprecedented – attempt by Team Obama to divide itself in half, amoeba-like, as it gears up for a billion-dollar reelection effort.

During the previous two years, Team Obama didn’t care what happened to the Congressional peeps. Now, it’s time for them to worry about Obama’s reelection, so, expect everything he does to be focused on just that. Unfortunately, he will have a GOP Congress to make him look good, as they pass real world, adult legislation and fix the mess they have been left with by four years of a Democrat Congress.

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