British Public School Forces 3-Year-Olds to Sign Contract Promising Not to Be “Homophobic” or “Transphobic”

by Dave Blount | April 27, 2015 1:18 pm

No one would entrust their children’s education to the inmates of a mental asylum. Yet that wouldn’t be any worse than this:

Children as young as three are being asked to sign a contract pledging not to use transphobic language at school.

The pledge is contained in a “home-school agreement” which all children must sign before they start at Turnham Primary School [in South East London] in September.

The infants must also promise to refrain from using homophobic and racist phrases and to be tolerant of people with different sexual orientations and lifestyles. Each child must print their name and provide a signature to confirm that they understand their “responsibilities” while attending the school.

Turnham Primary is coercively funded by taxpayers.

Gasps one mother:

“How am I meant to explain it to my three-year-old that he must sign on the dotted line not to do something which he is not even aware exists when he can barely hold a crayon? This just fills me with dread about what sort of politically correct, tick-box bureaucracy runs this school.”

That’s the problem. The lunatic contract will cause no harm, because little kids cannot even comprehend the grotesqueries liberals have been coercively shoehorning into the mainstream culture. But it certainly indicates a predominate mindset that is unlikely to produce positive results.

The lunatics are running the asylum in public schools.

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