College Encourages Students to Color

by Dave Blount | November 30, 2016 1:16 pm

As Big Government becomes ever more committed to seeing that as many as possible attend college regardless of their likeliness to benefit, tuition has shot into the stratosphere. Unfortunately, there has not been a corresponding rise in the quality of education. But at least colleges are expanding into new areas — like encouraging increasingly infantilized students to color:

Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania is apparently encouraging students to reduce their testing stress by coloring.

The college’s Testing Center has sponsored stations to be set up in the testing center to “Color Away Your Testing Stress,” according to a promotional flyer obtained by Campus Reform.

It seems that relieving exam stress by studying for the exam is outmoded.

This isn’t the school’s only venture into moonbattery:

BCCC also came under fire last year for firing an astronomy professor merely for mentioning God in a letter to students, which the school deemed a second offense because the professor had previously received a warning after offering students a free book on the last day of class that included Christian themes.

No need to think about grown-up stuff like the existence of God. Just chill out with some Crayolas while the school installs politically correct talking points where there could have been a developing mind.

For the money students/their parents/taxpayers pour into colleges, they ought to at least get complimentary teddy bears to hug for stress relief.


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