Dartmouth Students Demand “Reparations” From University Or They’ll Engage In “Physical Action”

by Dave Blount | February 25, 2014 1:48 pm

Here I was thinking of Ivy League colleges as bastions of unmitigated moonbattery. Turns out they are actually hotbeds of racist oppression — but not for long, thanks to liberal rebels:

A group of disgruntled students at Dartmouth College sent an 8-page protest letter to leaders of the Ivy League institution Monday calling for reparations for what they claim is the school’s oppressive and racist atmosphere — and threatened “physical action” if their demands are not met.

The list of demands, written by “concerned Asian, Black, Latin@, Native, Undocumented, Queer, and Differently-Abled students,” include:

– Racial enrollment quotas for Black and Latino students to “at least 10 percent each”

– “Ensure that 47 percent of post-doctoral students are people of color”

– “Ban the use of ‘illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, wetback’ and any racially charged term”

– Mandate cultural competency and sensitivity training for professors

– “Ask staff/faculty to use students’ and employees’ preferred gender pronouns”

– Enroll more students in the country illegally (undocumented students); and provide them free legal assistance and financial aid

– Convert ethnic studies programs into full-fledged departments

– Incorporate into each department at least one queer studies class

– Increase the interdisciplinary academic focus on sexualities

– Enact curricular changes to force students to study social justice and marginalization in depth

– Provide gender-neutral bathrooms in every building on campus

– “Create a policy with serious consequences against hate speech/crimes”

– Create a policy penalizing and discriminating against students who use the Indian mascot

– Require school’s conservative paper give up “Dartmouth” name if they use term “Indian”

At this point, no one could credibly deny that our liberal ruling class predominately features totalitarians who want to use force to impose their bizarre and nauseating ideology on every facet of human existence. I can hardly wait to see how Dartmouth incorporates a class extolling the sanctity of sexual perversion into math and engineering programs — assuming that useful fields of study still exist at top colleges.

The purpose of this grotesque list of demands is to “eradicate systems of oppression as they affect marginalized communities on this campus.” Yet if any groups are oppressed and marginalized on college campuses, it is the groups liberals demand systematic discrimination against: whites, men, normal people, et cetera.

The unnamed students go on to assert that by March 24 — the first day of spring term — Dartmouth administrators must publicly respond to each item raised in the letter with “its exact commitment to each one of its demands” and that reparations that require funds “have a monetary commitment in the 2014-2015 fiscal budget.”

If they don’t get their way, the moonbats “will be forced to physical action.”

Stop snickering. Similarly clownish liberal screwballs were a prominent feature of college campuses in the hippie era. For example, armed black students took over the Naval ROTC offices at Columbia, demanding that it be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” They actually got their way. Today one of them is the Attorney General of the United States. His radical ideology has not perceptibly matured.

The thuggish nuts who drew up the list of demands above will one day hold powerful positions in the federal government. What other kind of job would they be good for?

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