Daughter Gets Home From ‘Sex Education’ Trip – Then Mom Notices Something Chilling…

by Cassy Fiano | March 29, 2017 9:53 am

Parents send their children to school to get an education, not an indoctrination. Yet frequently, indoctrination is what the children get and parents often have little to no say in the matter. And sometimes, it crosses the line beyond mere indoctrination, as one Oklahoma mother found out after her daughter returned home from a school trip[1].


Miracle Foster’s 16 year-old daughter attends Langston Hughes Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One day at school, the girl attended a sex education lecture at school; when she and several other girls asked for more information, they were taken to visit Youth Services of Tulsa during the school day, without getting parental permission first.

Foster noticed a mark on her daughter’s arm. It turns out that her daughter had a Norplant implant put into her arm, a three-year form of birth control, while on the trip. Unbelievably, it was completely legal for Foster’s minor daughter to have such a medical decision made without her consent. Thanks to Title X, children as young as 12 can receive birth control without parental notification or consent first.

School principal Rodney Clark defended the incident, saying that the girl called her mother for permission before going on the trip. “This was not a field trip,” he argued. “Youth Services of Tulsa does an annual in-service on Sex Education. They offer students an opportunity to contact them on their own for more information. The parent gave her child permission to leave the school. Under Title X once young people are at the clinic and are of reproductive age, they can make decisions on their own without parental consent. As you can understand this situation involves a minor and we do not release information about students. Nevertheless, the student was well within their rights of Title X which is a federal guideline that provides reduced cost family planning services to persons of all reproductive age.”

Foster argued back that she was not allowed to talk to her daughter about her decision to get birth control, but Youth Services of Tulsa said they aren’t required to notify parents or ask for their permission.

What would you do if this had happened to your daughter?

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