Education Professor Praises Laziness

Education Professor Praises Laziness

Applying critical theory, leftists tear down everything that is noble and worthy of respect. Economic accomplishment is denounced as “greed” or “privilege.” War heroes are psychopaths or suckers. Great historical figures including the Founding Fathers are bigots. The awesome heritage of Western Civilization is trashed in favor of dysfunctional Third World savagery. After the old virtues that heritage rests on have been swept aside, they will be replaced by new, progressive virtues — like laziness:

Prof. Ryan Evely Gildersleeve, whose background is “primarily out-of-classroom learning contexts with non-dominant youth,” argues today in the research journal Qualitative Inquiry that “lazy practices can become useful for postqualitative inquiry that seeks to disrupt normative explanations of the world.”

Gildersleeve is Chairmoonbat of Higher Education at the University of Denver. He intones:

“As political action, laziness, then provides postqualitative inquiry with an additional tool for contributing to social justice via social research. Laziness combats the neoliberal condition in which academic research is situated and might serve as a virtue of postqualitative inquiry.”

As we have learned, “neoliberal” is a pejorative among academics, who use the term to denounce personal responsibility and individual liberty.

The P.C. penal code now lists disapproval of laziness as a thought crime:

Unsurprisingly, the professor says the concept of laziness is used to harm poor people, nonwhites, “overweight individuals” and women. But they can also use laziness as a weapon against “the dominant power structure” by, for example, housekeepers “completing the minimum required to keep their jobs” to protest “the subjugation of their profession and personhood.”

In utopia, any work that gets done will be done poorly. This condition was achieved by the Soviet Union, which unfortunately (from academia’s point of view) collapsed under the weight of its inefficiency.

The same sort of system will work in America though, because it will be run by the right people, like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Ryan Evely Gildersleeve.

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