Following Surrender to Moonbats, University of Missouri Starts Closing Dorms

by Dave Blount | April 13, 2016 11:39 am

A coward is often less safe than a hero. For example, consider the craven educrats running the University of Missouri. When Black Lives Matter thugs started yelling about imaginary racism and demanding that everyone comply with outrageous demands to demonstrate obeisance, the educrats eagerly submitted. President Tim Wolfe was forced to resign amid accusations that he did not present a sufficient pageant of reverence for a sociopathic thug who committed suicide by cop 2 hours away in Ferguson, and that he did not believe in “system racism, sexism, and patriarchy on campus.” The interim president is a barking moonbat of appropriate color, and Mizzou is regarded as a joke. Consequently, students have stopped enrolling. Whatever horrible fate the educrats thought they could avoid by submitting to thugs, it probably wouldn’t have been as bad as this:

Following a drop in students applying for housing, the University of Missouri will not be placing students in two dorms for the fall 2016 semester.

Mizzou will be closing the Respect and Excellence halls (ironic names, given the circumstances) in order to utilize dorm space “in the most efficient manner” to keep costs down.

In March, the university announced that it saw a sharp drop in admissions for the coming school year, and will have 1,500 fewer students. This will lead to a $32 million budget shortfall for the school, prompting the need to close the dorms in order to save money.

Closing dorms is only the latest stage of Mizzou’s precipitous decline. There have also been an “across-the-board hiring freeze for all units on campus” and a 5% cut “to all annual recurring general revenue budgets.”

To make matters worse, disgusted alumni have been pulling their donation pledges.

But at least they finally fired Melissa Click, the professor who helped rally students in their infantile protests, famously calling for “some muscle over here” to intimidate a journalist.

If its decline continues, Mizzou may soon be finished educating students. But maybe it can make up for this by providing an educational example to other universities.

Knuckling under to these goons has resulted in ruin.

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