Forget detention! Schoolyard fights will now send kids to JAIL in Missouri! [VIDEO]

Forget detention! Schoolyard fights will now send kids to JAIL in Missouri! [VIDEO]

This is a legislative abomination. These people are deeply stupid as well as evil. Head’s up parents in Missouri… now, if your child gets into a fight at school or on the bus, they will be charged with a Class E Felony and be subject to up to four years in a juvenile detention center. I assume this goes for those protecting themselves as well. This is for any grade… any age… so, your Kindergartner could be locked up. You parents in the ‘Show Me’ state, cool with that? If I lived there, I’d show ’em something alright.

It’s not bad enough that our prisons are overflowing… now, liberals want juvenile detention centers in the same state. Why? I think that is at least two-fold. One, if all prisons are overflowing, then they can move to have them done away with. Don’t laugh… they really think like that. Plus, they want anyone who bullies punished severely, except for themselves. That should be left to the school and parents, not the legal system. Parents, get your children out of Missouri’s public schools and I mean now.


From Liberty Unyielding:

When schools around the country began to crack down on elementary school students who pretended to use their forefingers as guns, it should have been clear we were in for a bumpy ride. You may therefore want to fasten your seatbelt before reading about a new statute in the state of Missouri that revises the punishment for children who get into physical fights.

From WBTV:

If you have a child heading back to grade school after the holiday break, the rules on fighting are getting stricter.

There’s a new statute going into effect starting January 1, 2017 that ups the punishment when students get into a fight.

The change means that if your student is caught fighting once they return back to school, they will get jail time.

Under the new law, children who violate this zero-tolerance policy will be charged with a Class E felony and sent to a juvenile detention center. This rule, moreover, applies to all students, no matter the grade level or age.

This is the result of liberal policies like punishing children who pretend to shoot each other. Enhanced by the fluid gender trend and the removal of religion and morality from these same schools. This is a zero-tolerance policy, just like bringing any drugs to school, even if they are prescription drugs. Little children will be carted off in cuffs over this. I just can’t even… seriously. This just pisses me off.

They are vague on exactly what is a fight by the way. The statutes are a bit more detailed on personal injury, but not much. In the end, the teacher and administrator decide if charges are warranted. I don’t know about you, but that is a million miles from okay as far as I’m concerned. You realize a felony can follow your child the rest of his life?

Sikeston DPS Sergeant Jon Broom said he hopes this new rule will make students think twice before getting into a fight. This is severe overreach by the State and by the police (the term you are looking for is police state) and is fascist. You do not impose this kind of punishment on school children. They can be expelled or reprimanded, but to charge a child with a felony? Even if he’s 17 is out of line here. When did it get to this point? Broom also said he hopes this new rule alerts students to think twice before getting into altercations. “I would definitely speak with them and talk with them and let them know just a fist fight anymore could definitely mean a felony,” he said. “Something that could follow you on down the road and could make life difficult for you.” Yes, I would speak to them, just as I was withdrawing them from the public school system.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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