Four-Day White Self-Hatred Extravaganza

If you hate yourself for having among your ancestors many of the greatest people who ever lived, and who created the greatest civilization that ever existed, you won’t want to miss the annual White Privilege Conference:

More than 20 workshops will be featured at the event, covering topics of sex, race, and gender.

One workshop, titled “Self Care and Healing as Change Agents,” will provide attendees with a safe-space to share the emotional burden that comes from being a social justice warrior.

“Feeling exhausted, burned out from working to dismantle racism and white supremacy, and other forms of oppression in organizations, groups, and individuals? Still deeply committed to creating greater equity, inclusion and social justice in society and in organizations, yet finding yourself, at times, too weary or overwhelmed to make meaningful change? We all deserve spaces to heal, refuel, and re-commit to our vision and goals,” the workshop description states.

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Bring your own pacifier and security blanket.

The conference targets those young enough to swallow progressive dogma, not having acquired sufficient life experience to regard it as pernicious, disgusting, and ludicrous. For example,

Another workshop will be geared exclusively towards middle-school and high-school students to allow them to “engage in meaningful dialogue about white privilege, white supremacy, and methods of breaking down systems of oppression.”

It isn’t only hated white people who will get cut down to size. Men are bad too. Another workshop:

–“Blackness, Whiteness, & Womynness: Embracing the Intersectionality of Race and Gender Practice While Building Equitable and Just Relationships Toward Effective Anti-Racist [sic]: As we strive to build cross-racial anti-racist partnerships, what are the challenges we face that may prevent us from working together effectively? This institute will draw on our experiences as a Black cisgender womyn and a white cisgender womyn partnering as anti-racist educators and administrators with a commitment to re-imagining equity and justice in our relationships as womyn.” [The misspelling of “woman” are intentional; a way to excise “man” from the word — ed.]

In addition to young people, the conference also targets teachers, who are expected to exploit progressive control of education to spread moonbat ideology like a lethal virus among the impressionable:

According to the conference website, at least 1,500 people attend the event every year, including students, teachers, and professionals. The conference, which lasts four days, has been held annually since 1999.

Students are asked to cough up $340 to attend the moonbatfest, in addition to hotel and transportation expenses. In true collectivist fashion, various universities are forcing other students to subsidize the cost. Some schools even offer academic credit for attending. It is important to the fanatics running American universities that students understand how wrong it is to be white.

Only $60; other students pay the rest.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Dean D. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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