Group of Loudmouth Thugs Disrespect the Flag, Then This Disabled Vet Shows Up…

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 5, 2016 9:50 am

This disabled vet is a hero… twice.[1] Cane in hand, he marched up to three radical college students who were standing on the US flag and showing it utter contempt. He pointed out to these morons that people fought, bled and died for that flag and that they were disrespecting all of that by stomping on it. He warned them them to get off the flag or he’d make them and he did. It’s tragic that a disabled vet is the only one standing up for America and our heritage when he sees something like this going on. The brats just kept claiming it was their right to stand on the flag. Constitutionally that may be true… in real life however, I’d make them move as well. I’m sick of all the disrespect and the hatred of our country. By the looks of it, I’m not alone either.


From Qpolitical:

When a disabled veteran saw three thugs stomping on the American Flag, his response made my day. YES!

Sadly, disrespecting the American Flag has become a trend[3] among rebellious young men and women of this age.

Thankfully, there are still those who are proud to be American and are willing to defend our flag and all that it stands for.

It all started when a disabled American Veteran stumbled upon three young adults causing a scene on what looks like a college campus. 

It’s the Vietnam War era all over again. What surprises me is that when the vet started yelling at these idiots and getting in their faces, students started clapping thunderously. Maybe there is hope after all for our young people. As the vet shoved them off the flag, students clapped and cheered. They should have helped him. I don’t know why his friend just stood there either. Meanwhile, the young commies used a megaphone and blathered on about slavery and police abuse. It’s right out of the communist playbook. They screamed at the vet, telling him to get his priorities straight. He yelled back that they were full of it. I guess he’s just not racist enough… he doesn’t hate America enough… he’s not communist enough. It’s just disgraceful that no one had that vet’s back and helped him. Wish I could have been there with him. That vet is a true patriot and is a brave man. We need many more like him.




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