“Interrupting Whiteness” Conference Will Train Educators to Infuse Classrooms With Anti-White Hatred

Massive Third World immigration is taking too long. Maybe we can abolish America’s core population all at once. Maybe, by targeting young people, whiteness can be eradicated through propaganda.

First we need for teachers and educrats throughout the country to get with the program. That’s what conferences are for:

A major national conference for teachers and school administrators starting on Saturday, October 10, in Baltimore will focus exclusively on race and racism, featuring workshops on “interrupting whiteness” in American schools, the “dominance of White supremacy” in society, “White privilege” enjoyed by Caucasian students, “white domination of thought,” and how to “decenter whiteness.”

The conference, officially titled The National Summit for Courageous Conversation 2015, is organized by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a large and influential consulting firm hired by hundreds of school districts nationwide — often under pressure from the federal government — to address “racial gaps” in scholastic performance and behavior problems in the classroom.

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Racial gaps will be closed and whiteness interrupted when white students are held down to the level of the lowest performing and worst behaving demographic sectors.

Excerpts taken from program material indicate how this is to be accomplished:

White Privilege, White Responsibility: Deepening Our Commitment as White Allies in the Struggle for Racial Equity in Schools
To achieve racial equity in schools, all educators must be able to identify and communicate where their own personal whiteness plays out in classroom, school, and community systems. Deepen your ability to focus a critical lens on your own whiteness and privilege and see how they impact your life. Through the tenets of Critical Race Theory, analyze how society constructs whiteness as the dominant norm in the U.S. Explore what it means to be a white educator leading for racial equity without perpetuating a system of white dominance.

That is, teachers must learn to hate themselves for belonging to the majority population. Then they can pass along that self-hatred to impressionable white children:

From a Place of Privilege – Diversity to Equity: How One NYC Private School is Working to Establish Curriculum for Ongoing Racial Identity Development in Grades 5-8
Can ten-year-old White girls talk about race? Yes, with practice. Middle School aged children are rigid in their sense of fairness and resistant to the acknowledgement of difference. We use a curriculum built around the Courageous Conversation Protocol that supports the development of our students’ capacity to talk about race. Examine a spiraling 5-8 curriculum that uses the Six Conditions to engage, sustain and deepen conversations about race among students. Experience activities that help facilitate racial identity development. Analyze the program and its evolution in order to develop your own strategies to create similar curriculum in your school.

Kids should not be allowed to forget for a moment that if they are white, they share the guilt of building the greatest civilization in human history, which from the liberal point of view is unforgivable. Their identities must be subsumed by racial self-loathing.

The ideology rests upon Critical Race Theory, which has been established as the prevailing point of view throughout academia. Zombie explains it:

Much of Critical Race Theory revolves around the concept of “whiteness,” which is not simply a skin color or racial identification but rather a state of moral turpitude: To have “whiteness” means that you personally share blame for all of society’s ills. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think prejudiced thoughts or treat anyone badly; it doesn’t matter whether or not your ancestors owned slaves or instead were abolitionists fighting to free slaves; it doesn’t matter whether or not your ancestors immigrated to the United Sates in the 20th century long after slavery was outlawed; it doesn’t matter whether you’re left-wing or right-wing or apolitical; what matters is that all of American society is inherently racist and favors white people, so that if you “look white,” you benefit from a racist system, and you are therefore part of that system, and therefore racist, and therefore (to peel away the euphemisms) evil. All “Caucasian” or pale-skinned people are genetically cursed with “whiteness,” which they cannot escape or disown, but people of other skin colors and ethnicities can also possess whiteness if they conform to “white norms” and refuse to embrace anti-whiteness activism.

The average person might see this entire worldview as shockingly racist, but Critical Race Theory has that angle covered too: Racism, according to the theory, is prejudice+power; and since (according to the theory) black people have no power in society, by definition they can’t be racist. The inverse of the stigma of whiteness is therefore also true: if you lack whiteness, you are immune from criticism or condemnation.

Never mind Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, or Loretta Lynch picking up where Eric Holder left off regarding the imposition of black supremacism through the Justice Department. We are required to believe that blacks have no power because pretending to have no power is the source of all power in the grotesque upside-down world of American politics.

Critical Race Theory — which is explicitly designed to destroy American society — is moving out of academic journals and faculty lounges and into the classroom.

Teachers who don’t agree that white people are the source of all evil are denounced for indulging in “white denial.” They are to be subjected to “equity coaching” until they submit to self-hatred.

The program also demands “an unapologetic infusion of Afrocentrism in classroom instruction.” If there is to be any assimilation, Western Civilization must be assimilated into the Third World, not vice versa.

Even “non-classroom-based” personnel (janitors, cafeteria workers, etc.) must take part in the propaganda jihad against whiteness. Colorblindness is not an option, because it is racist not to see everything through the prism of race.

Among the most appalling concepts advanced is “Restorative Justice,” according to which blacks should not be punished for antisocial behavior, on the grounds that they have been punished more often than whites (due obviously to misbehaving more often).

Back in July, President Obama launched a national initiative on this exact topic, which has now become official government policy.

Many of the school districts that hire Pacific Educational Group do so only after being pressured by the U.S. Department of Education or sued by the U.S. Department of Justice to address “disparities” in the punishment rates of black students as compared to white students. The White House is now using the coercive power of government to force districts to accept PEG’s view that differing rates of school discipline for different ethnic groups are entirely due to racism on the part of teachers and administrators.

This underscores the fact that this conference is not just a bunch of harmless kooks indulging in a self-hatred circle jerk. Our liberal ruling class is directly applying their sick ideology to actual classrooms. The consequences for America’s future will be devastating.

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