LGBT Advocacy Group Attacks BYU Football, Stating ‘Discrimination’…They’re WRONG.

LGBT Advocacy Group Attacks BYU Football, Stating ‘Discrimination’…They’re WRONG.

Athlete Ally, a nonprofit group that works with athletic leagues and organizations on educational and awareness programs, sent a letter on Monday stating that “… through its policies, BYU is very clear about its intent to discriminate against openly LGBT students …”


A.A. (as we will refer to them from here on out) wants BYU’s football standing in the consideration of being admitted into the Big 12, THROWN OUT.

“Big 12 university presidents and chancellors authorized Commissioner Bob Bowlsby to begin evaluating potential expansion candidates last month. BYU is among several schools that have made it clear they would like membership in the lucrative Power Five conference.”

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Brigham Young University in no way discriminates against LGBT students. There is an honor code set in place that every student or potential student must sign if they want to attend that university. That code includes that Homosexual behavior is inappropriate and violates the Honor Code.”

Well guess what? Heterosexual behavior is also inappropriate and violates the Honor Code. This is a religious university that adheres to the Law of Chastity – that is that no man or woman may have sexual relations outside the legal and lawful bond of marriage.


Tom Holmoe, the BYU athletic director had some simple and confident words to share about the claim…

“We fully intend that when we have an opportunity to meet with them and have discussions that they’re going to ask us questions that they’re going to have about everything, every aspect (of the school).

“But certainly that could be one of the things, and specifically we’re not sure what they would ask regarding that but we would answer every one of the questions,” Holmoe said on July 22.

“Some of the things that they might ask specifically about the church we’re prepared to answer those questions and we have people other than coaches or an AD, although I could answer, that would … either have the authority to answer correctly or specifically.”

Every student must adhere to that code…so the discrimination factor of the claim, yeah, that better include every other student attending, and if that’s the case, you don’t have a foot to stand on.

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