New York to Drop Literacy Test for Teachers

by Dave Blount | March 8, 2017 1:11 pm

You can try to jump higher, but that’s hard. It’s easier to just lower the bar. The moonbattery-addled state of New York continues to embrace decline:

The state Board of Regents will likely vote early next week on whether to ax the Academic Literacy Skills Test, one of four exams that teacher wannabes have to pass for certification, officials said Monday.

The Regents will also consider changes to one of the other three prerequisite exams for would-be educators, the Teacher Performance Assessment, or edTPA.

Under that proposal, applicants who just barely fail the edTPA could still be certified based on other factors, including teacher recommendations.

Under moonbat rule, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Sources said the moves will likely be approved, leading to outcry from those who believe they are important assessment tools.

Charles Sahm is director of education policy at the Manhattan Institute. He gasps:

“It’s alarming because we’ve now abandoned or watered down the teacher evaluation process, and now we’re lowering the bar for entry certification as well.”

The counterargument: Oh yeah? Well racism.

Sources said education officials … were concerned about the disparity between passing rates [on the literacy test] among white and minority candidates.

Any objective measure that involves intellectual ability will reflect innate disparities. This is why objective measures must be abolished, along with standards. You can’t pursue excellence or even competence and also pursue equality.

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A New York State education official.

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