Portraits in Academic Moonbattery: Karma Chavez

by Dave Blount | August 6, 2015 2:57 pm

As Big Government pours ever more of our money into higher education and tuition skyrockets through the stratosphere, leaving students in debt for decades, Professor Karma Chavez of the University of Wisconsin offers an example of what we are getting for our money:

Chavez is an associate professor at UW-Madison’s Department of Communication Arts. According to a UW employee salary database maintained by the Wisconsin State Journal, Chavez made $87,224 during the 2014-2015 fiscal year, and has achieved tenure at the school.

Chavez teaches seven different courses, ranging from “Queer Theory” (CA 969) to “Queer Migrations” (CA 610) and “Rhetoric and Queer Theory” (also CA 610).

Those paying her overgenerous salary won’t get anything even vaguely resembling a useful education out of Chavez, but they do get plenty of extracurricular activism. She has taken to the radio to denounce Israel for defending itself from Hamas terrorists. An essay she wrote accuses US border officials of “raping migrant women.”

Chavez takes pride in her work co-founding of the Queer Migration Research Network, and the UW’s Comparative US Studies (CUSS) group. “I work with various grassroots social justice organizations and collectives,” [Chavez] claims on her official UW biography.

The Queer Migration Research Network describes what it does as, “Queer migration scholarship critically explores how sexual and gender normativities shape, regulate, and contest contemporary international migration processes that stem from histories of colonialism, global capitalism, genocide, slavery, and racialized patriarchy.”

That is, they are perverted, degenerate, malevolent lunatics who regard Western Civilization as a blemish to be eradicated. Our university system, in the hands of pernicious propagandists like Chavez, is a tool being used to bring this about.

One of the many termites who are destroying our country.

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