Professor Matthew Liao Wants to Reduce People’s Size, Use Drugs to Make Us More Liberal

by Dave Blount | September 30, 2015 4:15 pm

The pointy-headed moonbat masterminds of academia aren’t getting less scary. New York University professor Matthew Liao wants to breed people to be smaller, not because this would be emblematic of the effect liberalism has on the human race but because it would reduce our harmless carbon footprint.

Since breeding people to be midgets presents difficulties, Liao suggests using “treatments” that would cause babies to have a low birth weight. At least it’s not as bad as what progressives do to babies through Planned Parenthood.

The schemes don’t end there. Liao proposes creating an induced allergy to meat, because according to leftist ideology, eating meat makes it be too hot out.

He also wants to use hormones like oxytocin and the suppression of testosterone to make us wimpier and more amenable to liberalism. Theoretically, the sort of malign altruism that is causing Germany to commit suicide could be imposed pharmaceutically:

“Pharmacological enhancement of altruism and empathy…could increase the likelihood that we adopt the necessary behavioural & market solutions for curbing climate change.”

Again, Liao is not an inmate at a mental institution, but a professor at an expensive university. Kooks like this determine what our government will do to us next.

Matthew Liao
Matthew Liao: Malevolent, insane, and probably next in line to be Science Czar.

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