Public High School Selects for Advanced Placement and Honors Classes by Race

by Dave Blount | August 10, 2017 3:41 pm

According to a letter sent to the parents of students of John Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia, selection for advanced placement and honors classes will be based largely on race:

“Through our collective work, advanced classes such as AP and Honors will have proportional representation,” read the letter. “Proportional representation is 40% White, 35% Hispanic, 12% African American, 10% mixed race.”

The letter went on to explain that public schools across the country “continue to see outcomes that are disproportionate by race and social class.”

That’s because only in the Never Never Land of liberal ideology are all people the same. Some groups are biologically smarter and culturally more motivated than others, as history shows us again and again.

The solution: subject everyone to the Procrustean bed of race quotas, so that some who would benefit from advanced placement are denied it, because of their race, so that others who won’t be able to keep up take their places, because of their race. Anyone who objects that this is insane will be denounced as a racist.

To prevent the Affirmative Action kids from failing, the coursework will inevitably be dumbed down to their level. Eventually, even educrats will figure out that there is no longer any point to having AP or honors classes when they are the same as regular classes. The classes will cease to exist.

By definition, it is not possible to achieve equality without abolishing excellence.

“American demographic trends indicate that America will be a majority minority nation in the next 25 years,” the letter read. “Therefore, the new work of American public schools is to develop systems to address disparate outcomes.”

So that’s why they hardly bother to teach kids anymore. Government schools have a different purpose now.

Winchester Public Schools’ Procrustean bed.

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