Student Gets Detention for Sharing Lunch

by Dave Blount | September 22, 2014 4:31 pm

Public schools are run by the government and unions. Consequently, students haven’t been learning much. But that doesn’t mean they are not being prepared to live under the freedom-free liberal utopia that will be their lot if current trends continue. From California, which always seems to get there ahead of the rest of us when it comes to tyrannical lunacy:

An eighth grade student from Weaverville Elementary School got a detention slip for sharing his school prepared lunch Tuesday.

Kyle Bradford, 13, shared his chicken burrito with a friend who didn’t like the cheese sandwich he was given by the cafeteria.

How impudently the miscreant attempts to justify his crime:

“It seemed like he couldn’t get a normal lunch so I just wanted to give mine to him because I wasn’t really that hungry and it was just going to go in the garbage if I didn’t eat it,” said Bradford.

Why was this punishable by detention? In part, due to more hysteria over allergies…

The policies set by the district say that students can have allergies that another student may not be aware of.

…and in part because of the ongoing plague of locust-like trial lawyers whose greed is bleeding freedom from every aspect of existence:

“Of course if students are concerned about other students not having enough to eat we would definitely want to consider that, but because of safety and liability we cannot allow students to actually exchange meals,” said [Superintendent of the Trinity Alps Unified School District Tom] Barnett.

Fortunately Kyle is a slow learner:

Bradford says that he would definitely share his lunch again if a friend wanted a portion of his meal.

Just as the survivor of a shipwreck will cling to flotsam in the hope of landfall or rescue, we need to hold tight to our sanity and decency no matter what the circumstances. The reign of progressivism can’t last forever.

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