WHAT!? Texas School Will PRESS CHARGES Against Parents That Walk With Kids From School…

by McGuire | April 8, 2016 1:48 am

An elementary school in Texas actually believes that they can make the silliest of all rules enforceable. Parents that pick their kids up on foot are now subject to having charges pressed on them. Yes, really.[1]


Parents are pulling their children out of a Texas elementary school over a new policy banning family members from campus.

At the beginning of the academic year, Bear Branch Elementary School Principal Holly Ray instituted a new rule banning parents from stepping foot on campus.

Parents now only have the options of having their children ride the bus or waiting in a mile-long car line to shuttle their kids to and from school.

Those who have flouted the rules and accompanied their children to the campus say they have been threatened with criminal charges.

Private school teacher Wendy Jarman, who lives in a neighborhood by the school, says she used to walk her children to and from the educational institution.

She took her children out of the school on Monday, due to the new rule.

These folks are a few tacos short of a combo plate if they think I wouldn’t take my kids out in a hot second in any way I saw fit to travel to the school. Oh, and by the way… Our tax dollars PAID for that school, so we are doubly entitled. Good luck enforcing this stupid rule – you’ll need it.

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