Two Teachers File Discrimination Suit After They Say They Were Fired For Not Being Hispanic

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 13, 2014 4:09 pm

It would seem that reverse-discrimination is alive and well in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Two managers have now filed discrimination suits, claiming that the district favors Hispanics. A 2013 memo states: “There have been whispers that all ‘white administrators’ have a target on their backs.” Sounds like Leftist equality and justice to me[1].

Bernice Marshall, who is suing the Perth Amboy School District, stands outsider her home.
(Brian Amaral | NJ Advance Media for
From the Conservative Tribune[2]:

The school district denies any wrongdoing, according to[3]. School board member Israel Varela says race has nothing to do with whom the district hires or fires but points to the demographics of the area. “We’re getting up to a 95% Hispanic community. My job is to make sure that our community succeeds.” Read: if you want a school district job, you should be Hispanic.

The Democrats are terraforming NJ into a permanent Leftist voting block using the Hispanic vote, illegal aliens and our education system. ‘Equality for all,’ now more closely resembles ‘equality for a select minority, soon to be the controlling majority.’

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