University of Missouri Medical School Could Lose Accreditation for Failure to Meet Diversity Quotas

Surely there is some point where Affirmative Action leaves off and sanity begins. Would the government dictate that a certain percentage of heart surgeons must be black, even if that means subjecting the public to incompetent surgeons? Actually, it probably would, to judge from this story:

STAT, a national publication that covers health, medicine and science, came out Wednesday with a lengthy story on the medical school at the University of Missouri-Columbia and it isn’t pretty.

The publication says the med school is in danger of losing its accreditation next year because it has so few minority students and faculty.

It’s easy to make the doctors in TV commercials black. To do it in real life, you have to find people with certain capabilities and personality traits that are not evenly distributed across the human race.

If blacks can’t be made doctors by merit, other means will be found, or we won’t have any doctors at all because medical schools will lose their accreditation. The result will be more blacks recruited and pushed through the system to satisfy quotas despite not being competent. Then when people sensibly react to black surgeons with horror, aware that they may have no qualification other than their skin color, they will be denounced as racist.

Note that this is happening at Mizzou, a school that is literally dying from pandering to Black Lives Matter thugs. No matter how much you yield to cultural Marxism, it will never be enough, so long as you still exist.

Imagine looking up from an operating table to see this crew bending over you.

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