University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Teaches Boys How to Pretend to Be Girls

by Dave Blount | November 5, 2015 11:27 am

A college education costs far more than ever before. But then, these days you can learn things in college that you never could in the past — like how to pretend to be a girl[1]:

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is offering “voice feminization therapy” for male students claiming to be transgender women.

As part of the university’s “Transitioning at UWM[2]” resource, the university encourages students to utilize “voice feminization therapy for male-to-female transgender clients” offered by the UWM Speech and Language Clinic[3], which claims to treat “voice disorders in adults and children.”

The militant insanity has reached the point that if a guy who wants to pretend he is a girl nonetheless has a voice like a guy due to the indisputable biological fact that he is a guy, the authorities will regard the disorder to be in his voice, not in his addled mind.

The school also offers “gender therapy” for trans students at the UWM Norris Health Center and provides recommendations for students seeking “hormone therapy.”

“First do no harm” went out the window long ago. The purpose of “gender therapy” is to encourage the abnormal to wallow more deeply in their sickness.

The university also has over 50 “gender inclusive” restrooms on campus and guarantees students “the right” to use any bathroom they please. Transgender students are encouraged not to “feel limited to using gender inclusive ones alone.” Students using recreation center locker rooms are similarly encouraged to use whichever lockers rooms “align most with their gender identity and comfort levels.”

The comfort levels of normal women who prefer not to shower with male perverts are irrelevant. Only the outliers matter in a society run by cultural Marxists, who at all times play off the fringes against the core population, which it is their objective to destroy.

eek a pervert
Eeek! A thought criminal!

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