University of Portland Encourages Students to Report Microaggressions to Police

To get an idea of what America will look like when liberty has been completely extinguished, look to college campuses, where students are already egged on to report even the most trivial thought crimes to the police:

The University of Portland has launched a “Speak Up” webpage that encourages students to report “incidents of discomfort” to its Public Safety department.

“We ask members of our community to SPEAK UP and report alleged incidents of discrimination and incidents of discomfort regarding observed or experienced interactions of intolerance,” the university states on the webpage. …

“The University of Portland takes seriously its responsibility to provide an inclusive environment for all members of our community,” said Rachel Barry-Arquit in an email to The College Fix. Barry-Arquit is the university’s director of marketing and communication.

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To “provide an inclusive environment” is to completely suppress any expression of unorthodox thought.

“The words ‘incidents of discomfort’ are intentionally broad as each person within the community would likely describe a different situation or experience that would define that description,” Barry-Arquit said.

Under true totalitarianism, you often don’t know that the thought you have expressed is a crime until afterward. That way, people will always err on the side of maximum obedience before opening their mouths.

Even now virtually any remark might be designated a thought crime or “microaggression.” When utopia is achieved, all thought will be criminal. To quote a founding father of progressivism,


Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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