USC Education Professor: It Is White Supremacist to Prevent Mobs of Thugs From Preventing Free Speech

by Dave Blount | October 25, 2017 2:11 pm

Leftist hooligans must be allowed to prevent speakers with whom they expect to disagree from being heard, because to punish them would promote white supremacy. A member of academia pulls his chin and explains:

Charles H.F. Davis, a professor of education at USC, argued in an essay for Inside Higher Ed that punishing protesters contributes to white supremacy because it can unfairly “suppress and criminalize” students, especially in light of protesters’ valiant goals.

For example, Davis argues against punishing students who shouted down a recent Ben Shapiro talk at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, since students were fighting against “racist rhetoric advanced by Shapiro.”

Shapiro isn’t the least racist, which has earned him enmity in some corners. But I’m forgetting; when moonbats bark “racist,” they don’t mean racist. They mean not in total compliance with far left ideology.

In an interview with Campus Reform, Davis explained that “punishing protesters unfairly criminalizes students,” and that colleges who do so “run the risk of creating an unsafe and threatening environment.”

The mob must be allowed to intimidate and shout down anyone suspected of not submitting to their ideology. Otherwise, we would have a threatening environment.

Davis, himself a person of privileged pigmentation, shouts that students who aren’t too busy studying to run riot “are disproportionately students of color and students representing other marginalized groups.” Therefore, their antisocial behavior must be permitted.

Fueled by Affirmative Action, campus moonbattery is reaching the furthest extremes of self-parody.

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