VIDEO: Students Rally Around Peer Who Has “No Sympathy” for Dead Cops at $60,000 a Year Brandeis

by Cassy Fiano | December 24, 2014 3:24 pm

Sending your kid to college lately has equaled nothing more than paying tens of thousands of dollars to have them indoctrinated with radical liberalism, and Brandeis University is no exception. When one student tweeted that she had “no sympathy” for the two NYPD officers brutally murdered, rather than be outraged by what she said, the Brandeis students have inexplicably rallied around her.


Students at Brandeis University spent Monday effusively supporting Khadijah Lynch, their fellow student who took to Twitter to celebrate the brutal, execution-style murder of two New York Police Department officers this weekend.

“i have no sympathy for the nypd officers who were murdered today,” Lynch had spouted on Saturday afternoon.

“lmao, all i just really dont have sympathy for the cops who were shot. i hate this racist fucking country,” the junior also tweeted.

Another Brandeis student, Daniel Mael, publicized these and other fanatical tweets from Lynch’s then-public Twitter account on Truth Revolt.

On Monday, a throng of angry Brandeis students criticized Mael. Some suggested that the Brandeis administration should punish him for citing Lynch’s public tweets.

Brandeis senior Michael Piccione, a member of the 2014-15 student conduct board, sent an urgent email to the president of Brandeis, senior administrators, radical leftist professors and students.

The email — entitled “VERY IMPORTANT: Holding Daniel Mael accountable, and other threats to student safety!” — claimed that “Mael has exposed Khadijah to the largely white supremacist following of the website.” (The website to which Piccione refers is Truth Revolt.)

For reporting about Lynch’s vile tweets, Piccione declared, Mael “has potentially violated multiple parts” of a Brandeis code of student conduct including “stalking.”

“Khadijah specifically requested that her personal comments be removed from the website and the article in question taken down, but her wishes were ignored,” the student conduct board member also whined.

Piccione’s lament refers to Lynch telling Truth Revolt that her public tweets are her “own personal opinion.” Lynch had threatened that she does not want her tweets “publicized in any form and if you do not abide my wishes i constitute your disregard as slander.”

Lynch does not appear to understand the difference between slander, which is spoken, and libel, which is written. Her fellow students at Brandeis appear similarly unable to comprehend this distinction.

… Even the Brandeis Asian American Student Association has joined the pile-on against Mael.

Despite the fact that one of the slain New York police officers, Wenjian Liu, was as Asian-American, the student group proclaimed “sympathy” and “readiness to stand by” Lynch via a Facebook posting. She “has been wrongfully targeted and harassed,” the group said.

“We recognize your right to speak freely,” the Asian-American students publicly told Lynch. However, the group pointedly did not recognize Mael’s right to speak freely. It did end its email with the hashtag “‪#‎StandWithKhadijah.”

… Lynch, who last month tweeted she does not understand why “black people have not burned this country down,” erased her entire Twitter page after Mael exposed her views. She also resigned her title as the undergraduate department representative in the Brandeis African and Afro-American studies department.

One year of tuition, mandatory fees and room and board at Brandeis costs about $60,300 (a little over $6,000 more than America’s median household income of $53,891).

There are so many levels of idiocy here, it’s honestly hard to comprehend it. But it should make the parents of every single one of these students humiliated to know that they utterly failed at parenting, if their special snowflakes are too stupid to not understand how utterly wrong it is to defend a violent race-baiter who applauds the deaths of two cops.

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