VIDEO: It Took This Teacher Nearly a Minute to Explain 9+6=15 the Common Core Way

VIDEO: It Took This Teacher Nearly a Minute to Explain 9+6=15 the Common Core Way

Common Core is so unpopular that it’s not just parents protesting it — some states are even forgoing federal funding so that they can opt out. A video of a teacher demonstrating how to add using Common Core is a perfect example as to why.

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Can you believe what you just watched? This enthusiastic news reporter being taught the Common Core way of working out a simple math problem raises plenty of questions about the future of education in this great country.

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The victims are not just the children, forced to learn incredibly unwieldy ways to solve problems. Can you imagine living in a country managed by ObamaCore-taught children, who will undoubtedly take several minutes to solve simple math problems that previous generations could solve instinctively?

Math isn’t the only subject being destroyed by Common Core. Literature is another unfortunate victim, with classic texts being replaced by Obama administration approved texts. Not to mention, red ink is no longer being used when grading papers in some schools because it’s supposedly a “negative” color. Instead, teachers are using a “friendlier” green ink, and students reply with purple ink. Absurd.

How is that any easier than memorizing math facts? It takes longer, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, and is making students dumber by the day. No wonder Obama likes it so much.

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