White Self-Hatred Safe Space at Loyola University Chicago

by Dave Blount | March 27, 2017 3:00 pm

How much would it cost to check into a state hospital for 4 years? Probably less than tuition at Loyola University Chicago. Otherwise, you might not know the difference:

Students who “self identify as White” at Loyola University Chicago can apply to join a safe space to learn about white privilege, institutional racism, and internalized racism.

The safe space is entitled Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness.

Members of the group, who are chosen through an application process, participate in six two-hour sessions on safe spaces, white privilege, cycles of oppression, and bystander intervention.

Don’t worry, persons of color aren’t excluded. You don’t have to be white; you just have to “self-identify” as white. Michael Jackson would have qualified. Not Rachel Dolezal though.

A major objective is to instill a sense of guilt in white people over their “privilege,” no matter how disadvantaged they may actually be outside the realm of moonbat ideology. An enthusiastic testimonial:

“‘I struggled too; I’m not privileged’. that’s [sic] what I always thought, but that’s not what White Privilege means,” student Angee Serwin recalled. “Simply because I am White, I already carry a privilege that I didn’t even try for.”

Actually, there is another difference between state hospitals and universities. At a mental institution, there might be an effort to cure you of morbid delusions, neuroses, and self-directed hostility. Universities strive for the opposite.

padded cell
A student in a safe space reflects on her white privilege.

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