5 Last Minute Republican Longshots

Now, when I say these are longshots? I meant it. It’s entirely possible that all five of the races I’m about to describe to you could go to the Democrats. That being said, the wind blowing at the back of the GOP is about as strong as it can get so if there’s ever a year when we might manage to steal a race of two off the list, this would be it. So, if you want to be really aggressive and shoot for the moon on November 2nd, here are some candidates you can chip in a few bucks for or better yet, help out by making some GOTV phone calls.

Peter Corrigan: Beat Dennis Kucinich in a +8 Democratic district? No way! Couldn’t happen, right? Well, guess what? According to a sketchy private poll The Weekly Standard is pushing, Kucinich is only up by 4 points. Corrigan could just knock him off.

Karen Harrington: Harrington is an aggressive, active candidate up against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in a +13 Democrat district. An internal Harrington poll from earlier this month showed her only down by 8 points. Could she pull off an upset? Just maybe.

Fenn Little: Knocking off John Lewis? In a D+26 district? It sounds impossible. It may be. But Little has certainly managed to attract some enthusiastic local support and a month ago, the rumor was that Little was polling north of 45% in an internal Lewis poll.

Charles Lollar: Lollar is an outstanding candidate, but he’s up against Steny Hoyer in a +11 Democratic district. Although there’s no public polling, Hoyer has actually been campaigning, which is an indication that he’s seen something that indicates his job could be in real danger.

Star Parker: A conservative columnist knocking off a Democrat in a +26 Democratic district? It seems impossible, but her opponent Laura Richardson is scandal-ridden and Erik Erickson predicted Parker would be the “surprise of the year.”

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