A Very Quick & Cursory Competitive Senate Seat Rundown For The Dems: 13 Seats In Play?

by John Hawkins | May 25, 2010 10:53 am

As the year has gone by it’s amazing how many Democratic seats have legitimately moved into play.

Joe Biden’s seat in Delaware looks like a goner. So does Byron Dorgan’s seat in North Dakota. Harry Reid is in a lot of trouble in Nevada. Blanche Lincoln’s seat is deeply endangered. Evan Bayh’s seat, which would have been secure had he run, now will probably go to the GOP. Barack Obama’s old seat in Illinois looks to be more likely than not to fall into the GOP column.

Pat Toomey has a small edge in what will probably be a tough race with Joe Sestak for Arlen Specter’s seat. Michael Bennet’s seat in Colorado is basically a toss-up. Chris Dodd’s seat in Connecticut is basically a toss-up since Richard Blumenthal got caught lying about being in Vietnam. Patty Murray looked like a lock, but now that Dino Rossi looks like he’s getting in, that seat will be a toss-up. Barbara Boxer’s:  seat:  is still the fave to retain, but her seat is genuinely endangered. Kirsten Gillibrand’s seat could be in play, but that’s more of an outside shot for the GOP. The same could be said about Russ Feingold’s seat in Wisconsin, even though Tommy Thompson isn’t running.

Put another way: At this early date, the GOP has 6 seats leaning heavily:  its : way, there are 5 more that are genuinely in play, and another couple we may still have a shot at.

That, my friends, is an epic spread.

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