Why Christine O’Donnell Is Surging: Three Ads From Tea Party Express

by Robert Stacy McCain | September 13, 2010 7:53 pm

O’Donnell’s unexpected last-minute surge in the Delaware GOP Senate primary has caught some people flat-footed[1]. How did this happen? It’s simple: For the first time, RINO Mike Castle is being called to account for his record with a series of hard-hitting ads (two on TV and one on radio) from the Tea Party Express[2]:

Let’s not overlook everything that everyone has done to help make this a competitive primary. Mark Levin[3] has done yeoman’s work and Sarah Palin’s endorsement[4] was crucial. But those who kept pushing the same tired bandwagon argument — “Castle can win, O’Donnell can’t” — were doing so without considering what might happen when, for the first time in his career, Castle had to defend his record against this kind of conservative ad campaign.


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