Fighting for the Undecided Voters…Evidently,They Exist

by Donlyn Turnbull | October 23, 2012 12:05 pm

This past week, while riding the bus with other conservative bloggers and podcasters on the way to the FreedomWorks[1] event, FreePAC, in Orlando, Florida, I was reminded the elusive “undecided” voter actually still exists.

At this late stage in the campaigns I assumed most people already know for whom they will be voting in the upcoming Presidential election. As a matter of fact, I can’t imagine anyone not knowing by this point.

I recently heavily criticized the “undecided voters” who presented the questions at the candidate’s second debate.:  I wrote them off as being “uninformed” or “unwilling” to seek out the information to help them along in their decision.

But as we sat on the bus, the driver struck up a conversation with one of the other conservative writers inquiring about the keynote speaker Glenn Beck.:  The conversation began with a question over a baseball card Mr. Beck had mentioned at one time and the driver was curious as to if he was still in possession of it.

The writer, who runs the site Eye on Politics[2], : quickly sent a text to the coordinator of the event who just so happen to be standing next to Mr. Beck who answered the question and it was quickly conveyed all the way back to the driver. The details of the baseball card aren’t what are important here.:  What is important was the impact it had immediately on this potential voter.

He was elated to even have an answer to his question and it immediately opened up a dialogue over the election.:  The driver said he wasn’t certain who he would be voting for at this point. That’s when I started to pay very close attention.

He said he felt that Obama was a good man who was trying his very hardest.:  I waited to see the reaction of my colleague who listened intently.:  The driver asked her, “Do you know who you are voting for?”

She replied, of course, “Mitt Romney”.:  She explained that even people with the best of intentions can be in over their heads and that it has been made very clear that Obama is just such person, although I believe it is doubtful any one of us on that bus would say Obama’s intentions have been pure.:  Most feel, for very obvious reasons, this has been an administration with a very dangerous agenda.

She invited the driver to attend the event but unfortunately he was going to be working the rest of the evening.:  Yet, before we arrived to our destination it was very obvious this man’s mind had been changed and he would likely be voting for Romney.

I wanted to stand and shout “Bravo, well done you!”:  She: couldn’t: have handled the situation better. And as the FreedomWorks staff began taking the stage one by one that evening, helping teach people how to reach out to others in this grassroots effort to win the election it became: glaringly: obvious to me.

This isn’t the time to let up and assume we no longer have undecided voters, this is the crunch time that will win the election when we each step up in one small way and do our part.

“Do people ask your advice for the election?” asked Kristina Ribali with FreedomWorks.:  “They do me. They trust me,” she explained.

Americans are out there and they are looking for answers.:  I don’t believe so many people would attend the FreePAC events if they: weren’t: looking for someone they trust to give them advice.

I learned there are five things we must do to win this election.


This election is certainly not over.:  Just because someone may have voted for Obama the last time does not mean they will this time. Don’t assume they already know who they are voting for.

Jackie Bodnar with FreedomWorks referred to it as being a “Happy Warrior”.:  I love the conversation with the bus driver began over a baseball card.:  If we approach people negatively they will immediately shut us out.

The signs in your yard, the bumper sticker on your car and the calls you make will open the door for dialogue.:  Social Media is also an amazing way to begin talking with people and sharing your beliefs.

One of the most amazing tools I’ve ever seen for connecting with others in this grassroots movement is through FreedomWorks and their Freedom Connector.:  And I don’t work for FreedomWorks.:  This is my honest assessment.:  I’m beginning to connect with people via Freedom Connector in my own home town.

The last FreePAC event before the election is coming up in Chicago on Friday the 26th of October.:  Sure you get amazing information like that I mentioned above, but most of all, you will be inspired and encouraged to continue the fight for our Freedom.

And if you are nowhere near Chicago you and your friends can watch the entire thing live streamed[3] on their website.

Now all we have left to do is win the White House, take the Senate, and keep the House. And all of you can make that happen.


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