So, If Newt Gingrich Is So Erratic And Undisciplined…

by John Hawkins | December 12, 2011 8:13 am

It’s fair to take what I say about Newt Gingrich with a grain of salt since I’ve endorsed him[1], but that being said, let me just note that I find the “Newt’s really erratic/undisciplined” attack coming from establishment Republicans/Mitt’s surrogates to be an extraordinarily unconvincing line-of-attack.

First off, keep in mind that Newt created the Contract with America and led the first GOP takeover of the House in 40 years. That seems like a pretty tall order for someone who’s “erratic and undisciplined.”

From there, Newt actually managed to balance the budget and pass welfare reform even though Bill Clinton was the President. How much have the Republicans in Congress accomplished since then? How much did the GOP accomplish even when Bush had a Republican House and Senate? Other than some temporary tax cuts, which aren’t going to survive long-term, they did almost nothing of significance.

This time around, when Newt started his presidential campaign, almost NOBODY, myself included, thought he had a serious chance to win. He started with almost no money, almost no volunteers, his staff quit, and almost no one backing him. Even though he started almost from scratch, Newt clawed his way into first place. Again, that doesn’t sound very “erratic or undisciplined.”

Are there criticisms you can hit Newt with? Sure. All the candidates running have their issues. But if Newt’s supposed to be “erratic and undisciplined,” then we should hope for a lot more “erratic and undisciplined” Republicans in Congress.

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