The End Of Mitch Daniels’ Presidential Aspirations

by John Hawkins | February 23, 2011 6:51 am

Mitch Daniels: He’s a fiscal conservative from an important state, Indiana, but his “truce on social issues” comments were world class dumb. Not only did he give social conservatives a reason to deeply distrust him, he insured that he’s going to be constantly asked about social issues at every opportunity, which is a topic he has no interest in talking about. Making a blunder that big right out of the box suggests that he may be very gaffe prone.John Hawkins[1], Feb 4, 2011

Holy, Howard Dean, Batman! Does Mitch Daniels even want to be President? If he does, it’s hard to explain why he keeps keeps saying things like this[2],

Mitch Daniels suggested Tuesday that Republicans drop their push for the right-to-work legislation that has sparked a Wisconsin-style fracas at the Indiana statehouse, saying it would be a shame if other bills are impacted by the flap.

“I thought there was a better time and place to have this very important and legitimate issues raised,” Daniels told reporters at the statehouse, audio of which was released by his office.

The Republican governor and presidential hopeful also said he won’t send out state police to round up absent Democratic state lawmakers, who fled the state to stall Republican action on the bill. It’s the first time Daniels has spoken since the Republicans passed the bill out of committee Monday. He’s opposed the bill coming up right now, saying it’s the wrong time for it.

So, right at the moment when Scott Walker is being treated like a conquering hero by conservatives across the country for standing up to the unions and the Democratic fleebaggers, Mitch Daniels is faced with the exact same situation and he’s choosing to give in. To find someone who was routed as clearly as Daniels was here, you have to go all the way back to France in WW2.

This is a particularly horrific political mistake for Daniels to make, not just because it makes him look like a spineless wimp who doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the Democrats even when he has the upper hand, but because of the way it plays into his previous gaffe.

When social conservatives hear someone say a “truce on social issues,” what they actually hear is, “I’m not willing to fight for you at all.” This is a huge problem because no matter what they may say, liberals have absolutely no intention of abiding by any sort of “truce on social issues.” So, if Daniels won’t even stand up to the Democrats on an issue like this, where the budget is at stake, you have to expect him to immediately cave on any and all social issues.

Sometimes leaders face key moments where their political courage can make or break their image. Daniels’ political cowardice has severely damaged his reputation and unless he can do a miraculous job of damage control and turn it around, his presidential run is over before it even gets started.

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