The Final Coffin Nail For Cain

Back on November 9th, I wrote a post called Why The Latest Sexual Harassment Allegations Are Probably A Deathblow For Cain. Here’s an excerpt,

The problem with these sexual harassment allegations, whether they are true or not, is that they’re undercutting every one of his strengths.

The Cain campaign has been driven back on its heels by these allegations and honestly, the issue hasn’t been handled very well. That makes Cain seem less charismatic. Actually, nobody can come across as charismatic when he’s denying the claim that he made a crude attempt to get a woman to have sex for a job.

Obviously, if you buy that Cain sexually harassed these women – and whether it’s true or not, a lot of people will – it makes him seem less likable.

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Also, the real reason most people like “non-politicians” is that they generally don’t have a lot of baggage. In other words, they didn’t get roped into making some messy compromise that rubs people the wrong way. Well now, whether these allegations are true or not, Cain has major baggage.

…Politics is often an unfair business and certainly, if Herman Cain didn’t do anything wrong, this is incredibly unfair to him. But the reality is, these charges are out there, they’re serious (at a minimum, we know Bialek’s is), they’re out there from multiple women, they’re out there from women who’ve put their names to the charges, and the charges aren’t flimsy enough to be automatically dismissed. That’s going to lead to Cain taking a crippling hit at the polls over the next few weeks, whether the charges are true or not.

And so it was.

Cain was in first place when these charges hit. Now, he’s in third place and still slowly bleeding support.

That was, however, before yesterday’s bombshell.

An Atlanta businesswoman is breaking her silence, claiming she has been involved in a 13-year-long affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

…Ginger White says she met Herman Cain in the late 90s in Louisville, Kentucky, when as president of the National Restaurant Association, he made a presentation. She was impressed. She says they shared drinks afterwards and he invited her back to his hotel room.

“’I’d like to see you again,’” White said Cain told her. “’You are beautiful to me, and I would love for us to continue this friendship.’”

…She says during the next 13 years, he would fly her to cities where he was speaking and he lavished her with gifts. She says they often stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead and dined at The Four Seasons restaurant. She says he never harassed her, never treated her poorly, and was the same man you see on the campaign trail.

…She showed us some of her cell phone bills that included 61 phone calls or text messages to or from a number starting with 678. She says it is Herman Cain’s private cell phone. The calls were made during four different months– calls or texts made as early as 4:26 in the early morning, and as late as 7:52 at night. The latest were in September of this year.

We texted the number and Herman Cain called us back. He told us he “knew Ginger White” but said these are “more false allegations.” He said she had his number because he was “trying to help her financially.”

…And so she talked. Before our interview, we checked into Ginger White’s background. We found she filed a sexual harassment claim against an employer in 2001. That case was settled.

We also found a bankruptcy filing nearly 23 years ago in Kentucky, and a number of eviction notices here in DeKalb County over the past six years. The most recent happened this month.

Ms. White says she has been unemployed, and she is a single mom with two kids struggling to make ends meet.

…We also found a lawsuit filed by a former business partner, Kimberly Vay, who once sought a “stalking temporary protective order” against Ms. White for “repeated e-mails/texts threatening lawsuit and defamation of character.” The case was dismissed; but was followed by a libel lawsuit against Ms. White. A judge entered an order in favor of Kimberly Vay because Ms. White failed to respond to the lawsuit.

First of all, let me note that Ginger White’s claim that she is putting this out there to somehow protect herself comes across as disingenuous. There’s no way you’re going to sound good talking about how you carried on a thirteen year affair with a married man — and of course, it’s a complete betrayal of someone whom she claims to have been close to for all of that time. In addition to all of that, the media has also already informed the public of her sketchy background details that she can’t have wanted out there. So, if she were really looking to guard her reputation, she’d have been much better off just keeping her big yap shut and making it extremely difficult for the mainstream media to confirm anything. Since she’s broke, it seems more that if this is true, she’s looking to trade in on her relationship with Cain to get a payday.

That being said, the fact that Cain had 61 calls/texts to or from her over four months does cause you to raise an eyebrow. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is going on. For example, If you added up all the phone calls, emails, IM conversations, etc. I’ve had with some women I know, it would probably approach those same rough totals over a four month period even though there’s nothing going on between us. So, it can happen….however, that is A LOT of contact and it is more than a little bit odd that Cain admitted his wife has never met a woman he’s in touch with that much. Moreover, she is throwing out some potentially verifiable details. There are probably reporters right now trying to verify whether or not Cain and White have been seen together at the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons. We also have to consider the fact that this isn’t a lone woman making a claim; it’s woman number five. You might be able to pick any one of them apart, but explaining all five of them in concert is much harder to do and if we’re being perfectly honest, we really don’t know if White is the last one. In fact, at this point, we’re starting to get into a Clintonesque situation where you feel like there might be another woman popping out of the woodwork at any moment.

The previous allegations? They did tremendous damage to Cain, but, IF there had been no more claims AND he sounded like he’d gotten back up to speed, he had an outside chance of being able to get back in the running. The chances were extremely low and it would have required Gingrich to implode for it to come off. But, at this point, I’m sorry to say that Cain is “done-done.” Unless White is caught on tape saying she made it all up for cash or something equally outrageous, this allegation is the final coffin nail on his campaign. That’s too bad because Cain is a charismatic, conservative candidate with a positive demeanor and a wonderful business background, but there’s just no way he’s going to be able to overcome this final allegation and capture the nomination.

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