Anti-Trump Protesters UNLEASH Electoral College Members’ PERSONAL Information On Internet!

Anti-Trump Protesters UNLEASH Electoral College Members’ PERSONAL Information On Internet!

What a bunch of supreme asshats. This is called doxing. The #NotMyPresident Alliance has dug up the personal information of Electoral College members in states that voted Republican and has released it to their thuggish supporters. Their mission, should they choose to accept it (and they have), is to ‘persuade’ these voters to switch their votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. How many times do I have to tell these idiots that it is not going to happen? I don’t think even violence would do the trick. In fact, this is going to solidify their votes for Trump.

They delivered this information via a Google doc spreadsheet to I don’t know how many people out there. Some of them are most likely unstable as that is the calling card of the Left. I think the authorities should go after these people with at the very least a warning. A few of the electors are not totally committed on their vote yet and are being severely targeted. One guy in Arizona, who is definitely voting for Trump, in one day got 60 calls and over 1500 emails. It’s sheer harassment.


From BuzzFeed:

The #NotMyPresident Alliance, a national anti-Donald Trump protest group, has released the personal information of dozens of Electoral College members in states that voted Republican.

A spreadsheet distributed to supporters Wednesday included the personal phone numbers, addresses, religions, races, genders, and candidate preference of the electors. The document does not have a complete set of data on every elector.

The group hopes that its members and citizens around the country will contact electors and persuade them to change their vote from Donald Trump to another candidate before Dec. 19, when electors cast their votes. The group does not advocate for Hillary Clinton or any other specific candidate, rather asking protesters to encourage electors from each state to a consensus that isn’t Trump.

The group has color-coded each elector with how likely they are to change their vote based on their previous comments to press and social media.

Portland’s Resistance, which is a part of #NotMyPresident, was originally included on the spreadsheet as cosigning on the release of information. But Gregory McKelvey, the leader of the Resistance, told BuzzFeed News he didn’t know the disclosure was happening, and he asked the Alliance to remove his group’s name. I’m not sure if I believe that considering the nature of these groups, especially in Portland.

Asked if members of the Electoral College might face hacking or harassment, Gedney said he believed there was “no more potential than there was already.” What bull crap. He knows the exact opposite is reality here. And he relishes the possibility. He said the group “rejected all acts of aggression and violence.” He doesn’t consider ‘doxing’ to be aggression and an act of violence? Of course he does. What he has trouble with is the truth. “The point was to collect as a tool for peaceful action,” Gedney said. “The whole thing is we’re fighting against someone who’s contentious and hateful. No one in our group is going to use it for nefarious purposes.” What they just did was contentious and hateful… once again, you see Leftists accusing the Right of the things that they themselves do.

These trolls know there is no chance this is going to work by the way. “If we somehow do still fail to win the hearts and minds of the Electoral College on December 19,” Gedney wrote in a Facebook post, “we are creating the much needed infrastructure and solidarity we’re going to need if we’re to survive a Trump administration.” They are laying the foundation for never-ending protests, riots and violence. Because that’s what they do.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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