BIZARRE TWIST! Rubio campaign tells OH supporters to vote for Kasich…

BIZARRE TWIST! Rubio campaign tells OH supporters to vote for Kasich…

Or maybe not so bizarre… Rubio is establishment, so he would of course follow the lead of Mitt Romney and tell his supporters in Ohio to vote for Kasich. Rubio knows he cannot win that state and it is winner take all there. He does not want Trump to carry the state, so he’d rather have Kasich take it than Trump. Rubio, however, has deluded himself into believing he can win his home state of Florida where Trump is getting ready to trounce him. If people want to beat Trump, the only sane move is to coalesce around Cruz. But they just can’t bring themselves to do that. So here we are. Whether Kasich takes Ohio or not, it will not stop Trump and Rubio’s campaign is all but through. Deal with it.

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From Politico:

Marco Rubio, desperate to save his presidential campaign in his home state, is adopting the Mitt Romney strategy—asking Republicans hoping to stop Donald Trump to support his rival, John Kasich, in Ohio.

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“John Kasich is the only one who can beat Donald Trump in Ohio,” Rubio said. “If a voter in Ohio is motivated by stopping Donald Trump, I suspect that’s the only choice they can make.”

The flip-side of that strategic gambit is to convince any voters in Florida not backing Trump to support him in Tuesday’s primary.

“I’m the only one who can beat Trump in Florida,” Rubio said during a press conference Friday morning at Temple Beth El.

“A vote for Ted Cruz or John Kasich in Florida is a vote for Donald Trump. Any vote that doesn’t go to me is helping Donald Trump win the 99 delegates that this state will award to the winner.”

Rubio is denying any kind of deal with Kasich. Kasich’s team was blunt on the matter: “We were going to win in Ohio without his help, just as he’s going to lose in Florida without ours,” said Kasich campaign spokesman, Rob Nichols. Ted Cruz, who has added campaign stops in Florida this week in an effort to help Trump deliver the deathblow to Rubio, scoffed at the broader strategy — or Rubio’s “games,” as he put it. “It’s real simple,” Cruz told reporters in Orlando, where he campaigned Friday morning before flying to Missouri. “How do you beat Donald Trump? You beat him.” After an event designed to highlight Rubio’s support for Israel, Rubio shrugged off questions about polls and his long-term political future. “I’m not concerned about polls,” Rubio said. “Voters in this election have shown a propensity to change their mind and to do that quickly. We’re very confident about what’s going to happen in Florida.” Wow… he really believes his own propaganda. There’s nothing quite like political suicide in the spring.

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