Good News: The American Political System Is Broken!

by William Teach | November 26, 2016 7:16 am


Leftists continue their bleating post-election, because they lost. Let’s not forget that, when they all thought (heck, most of us thought) that Hillary would win, it was all about respecting the election outcome. Now? Not so much, so, we get the Washington Post printing a screed by Mehdi Hasan, an Al Jazeera “journalist,” who isn’t even an American, and may or may not be an Islamic supremacist, to tell us

The American political system is broken[2]

Consider the following scenarios: What if Venezuela held a presidential election and President Nicolás Maduro claimed victory with fewer votes than his main rival? Or if Russian liberals won the most votes in the country’s legislative elections but failed to secure the most seats in the Duma? Or if Iranian authorities tried to prevent members of the country’s largest minority group from voting?

Can you imagine the howls of outrage from the White House press secretary? The pious calls from the State Department spokesman to respect the will of the people and protect minorities? Yet all of these undemocratic travesties occurred. Here in the United States, in front of our noses.

Perhaps Mr. Hasan should read the Constitution, and understand the way it is set up, before chiming in.

Much has been written since Election Day about the need to resist the “normalization” of racism and misogyny. Less has been said about the “normalization” of democratic dysfunction, the signs of which are all around us.

Take the popular vote. Sorry, Americans, it’s just not “normal” for the candidate who came in second to be declared the winner of the race for the second time in the space of a mere 16 years. In 2000, George W. Bush was elected the 43rd president of the United States despite winning about 540,000 fewer votes[3] than his Democratic opponent; in 2016, Donald Trump has been elected 45th president despite trailing Hillary Clinton by 2 million votes[4].

It may be unusual, but, according to our Federal Republic system, it is entirely normal. But, Leftists refuse to accept that, when it comes to the ballot boxes, they are losing at all levels here in the United States. Many people might consider themselves liberals, but, they are voting against Democrats, because they see that Democrat policies do not work.

None of the other Western democracies have anything comparable to the archaic U.S. electoral college…

Because we aren’t a democracy. Apparently, British schools aren’t any better than American ones in teaching How The American Political System works. If only there was some sort of medium people could use to understand our federal election system.

This is followed by a whine on election spending, then turnout. Mr. Hasan almost seems to be writing that people should be forced to vote.

And, of course, the typical whines of “voter suppression”. Then gerrymandering, which is only bad when Republicans do it.

This isn’t a time for denial or deflection. The American political system is broken. Far from being the “world’s greatest democracy[5],” to quote President Obama, representative democracy in the United States seems further hollowed out with every election cycle.

Nothing is wrong with the voting. It works just fine, as set up by the Constitution. If Hasan wants to look at something that is “broken”, well, then we should repeal the 17th Amendment and return power back to the states in selecting their Senators, as it was designed. We should enact term limits on the House of Representatives, so that no one spends decades in office. And British weenies should mind their own business, particularly when they don’t understand the actual presidential election system, designed to empower the States in a Federal Republic, while also protecting the Rights of the minority.

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