Michigan refuses recount for Jill Stein, Green Party makes Stunning Website Update

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 2, 2016 2:50 pm

I’m not sure what Jill Stein[1] intended when she embarked on this whole recount insanity. It would not have benefited her campaign and would not only not affect the outcome, but would go a long ways towards making Hillary Clinton look even more pathetic. She raised $6.3 million for the recount. During her whole campaign, she only raised $3.6 million. I think this was meant to get publicity for her party and Stein always meant this as that other way of making money for the commie Green Party. It’s true, the party will get whatever is left over, but they have seriously distanced themselves from Jill Stein. They have cleansed their web site of all mention of or connection to their former candidate.

Oh, and it gets even worse for Jill Stein. Michigan’s Attorney General has filed a lawsuit to stop the recount in that state. He contends that Stein was rejected in the state by huge numbers of voters and there is no valid standing for a recount. I agree and anyone out there with two brain cells can figure out either Clinton was behind this or Stein was in it to boost herself. Me, I think Clinton is behind this somewhere. I think they wanted to delay the vote out there so it would make Trump look bad and undermine the Electoral College. They wanted to declare Trump was invalid as the President even before he takes office. Vile, but that’s how they think.


From Politico[3]:

Michigan’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit to stop a recount of the presidential election results requested by Green Party nominee Jill Stein, his office announced on Friday.

“Michigan voters rejected Stein’s candidacy by massive margins but her refusal to accept that state-verified result poses an expensive and risky threat to hard-working taxpayers and abuses the intent of Michigan law,” Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, a Republican, said. “We have asked the court to end the recount which Stein is pursuing in violation of Michigan laws that protect the integrity of our elections. It is inexcusable for Stein to put Michigan voters at risk of paying millions and potentially losing their voice in the Electoral College in the process.”

Schuette’s lawsuit, filed on behalf of the state, asks the Michigan Board of Canvassers to reject Stein’s recount request on the grounds that Stein has acknowledged she has no evidence that fraud or widespread errors were committed.

The Attorney General also contends there is no evidence of fraud or tampering. I would wager his lawsuit holds and the recount is rejected as it should be. The AG is not doing this to attack Stein, he’s doing it to save money for the tax payers in Michigan. In other words, he’s doing his job.

It was reported yesterday[4] that, “GOP attorney Eric Doster, who will help represent President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign in the recount, said Tuesday that he can’t imagine the recount costing less than $10 to $12 million — the cost of a statewide election. He cited “astronomical” costs of overtime pay, training, security and travel.” That’s obscene. Unless the vote was razor thin, which it was not, there is no excuse for this. Even if it were, Stein should not be allowed to contest. Either Hillary Clinton does, or it a moot point because there is no standing. This is just another commie wasting everyone else’s money and trying to play the system. Typical.


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